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Applications open till March 20, 2023. 

We are hiring a fresher Company Secretary for a full time, remote working profile for Team Startup TRU. 

So if you want to work in a tech enabled environment for global incorporations, fund raises, valuations and cross border transactional advisory, this one is for you. 

Don't worry, we will train you! Read on... 

Job Description

What you are expected to do.

Hey! Our Next Superstar hire Company Secretary!


We are, a tech startup management consulting team based in Delhi, India and working remotely.


We are looking forward to a Company Secretary as part of our team expansion. Here is what we are looking for :


Candidate expectations :


  • A young fresher CS who is not yet spoilt by the corporate culture with an eye for tech and research. Are you creative, talkative(!) and have a ICSI degree and living in any part of India, then we are looking for you.

  • We wont judge you on the basis of marks or the number of attempts in CS exam as long as you are able to demonstrate how you can contribute to the startup legal consulting environment.

  • While a Law degree is preferred but not mandatory but an eye for drafting and being a voracious reader surely does help.


What we offer.


Job Profile :


  • You are expected to work in an online tech heavy environment ( ofcourse we shall train you in tech) and face clients directly (ofcourse we shall give client facing training) and help them growth their business through consulting about secretarial compliance, fund raise (Section 42 Indian Company Act), valuations both in India and global context. ( we expect you to have Indian knowledge and for the Global knowledge, we shall train you)

  • You are expected to have an eye for research and be an avid reader and listener, to be able to understand the new age business model of our clients in the space of #artificialIntelligence #Blockchain #machineLearning #deepTech and draft business blurb and assist other team members for a holistic client business scaling up experience through multi country business incorporations.

  • The offer of this job is full time and remote. However we may have internal and client meetup and conferences which you may be expected to attend based on mutual consent basis.


Who we are :


Our Profile is an early entrant into the legaltech consulting space for startups, our founder Mr Varun Sethi, is a registered mentor with Startup India Action Plan, Government of India as well as public speaker with more than 320 fund raise experience in India Singapore Dubai and US.


We are young dynamic team of consulting chartered accountants, company secretaries and lawyers. The average age of the team is 27 years with each member having a specific domain expert skill.


Our "x" factor :


All our clients are tech enabled, rather we also assist them in adopting new age tech and scale up their business. Most of our clients raise fund from investors ( venture capital firms / Private equity investors / angel investors), rather fund raising and its allied compliance is our core competence.


Additionally being a young team, we work in a very light happy environment with opportunities for team members to share their extra curricular experiences and skills.

We are looking some one who can match our vibe and energy as we grow further, a ICSI degree is only the beginning; we train, guide, mentor and make you a confident professional in your journey of growth.


Our holiday, leave and increment policies are customised to match our culture and hence are more flexible than most of the consultants in India. For instance, our increment policy is not standard yearly based growth however based on new skill acquisition, so the moment you reach that skill, you get an increment. So its up to you whether you want to upskill yourself in 3 months or 3 years and accordingly you get an increment in 3 months or 3 years!


We are remote working so we understand the challenges of it, however this remote full time working opportunity throws open a fair playing ground for any one with CS degree living anywhere in the country.


Closing thoughts :


If you have read so far, great! you are a reader! We are looking for you! Hit that apply button and match our vibe!


Apply through the form below.


All the best!

Team Startup TRU.

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